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Specialty Journal of Religious Studies and Theology
Volume 2 2017, Issue 1
Housing Provision for Aggrandizement of Socio-Economic Status of Citizen by Local Government to Meet Maqasid As-Sharia’h Ruling in Northern Nigeria
Muhammad Umar Bello
Pages: 1-6
This paper tries to highlight the relationship of Maqasid Ash-Shari’ah and housing provision by local government to improve socio-economic standard of people through application of Maqasid Ash-Shari’ah rulings. Islamic jurisprudence deals with different aspects of human life. It has been recorded that Maqasid Ash-Shari’ah cardinal principles are; preservation of religion, life, kinship, senses and dignity. Housing as one of the basic needs of individual has not been adequately provided by authorities in Nigeria. Other aspects of economic activities such as stock market were investigated. There is limited empirical study with the conventional and Islamic sector that shows indices in the major equities market. It is also evident that Maqasid- Ash- Shari’ah is an instrument for socio-economic development if it is used properly. The methodology the study adopted is secondary source of data with rigorous literature reviews and other secondary source of data. Findings of this study revealed that many people do generally not understand Maqasid Ash-Shari’ah. From the perspectives of Islam, it was evident that modernization is not put forward with Islamic knowledge adequately. Maqasid Ash-Shari’ah was not fully recognized and appreciated by modern world. The recommendation of the study is that synergy should be between Islamic scholars and professional in different fields of endeavor to integrate and foster cordial relationship between different aspects of research. The study also recommends that Islamic studies should develop through general integration with other fields of science.