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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
A Glance at Economic Corruption and the Rules for Fighting It
Nosratollah Saberi, Ahmad Mo’meni Rad, Firuz Aslani, Sayyed Ebrahim Hosseini
Pages: 1-15


Corruption is not a new phenomenon and it might date back to the humans’ beginning of life on earth or their commencement of living in societies. No country could be found in any epoch of the history not afflicted with a sort of corruption; of course, such a cancerous tumor has been and is being more expanded in the third world and developing countries. In Iran, as well, following the termination of the imposed war, and from the turn of 1970s, terms like embezzlement and financial corruption, with a value of 123 billion TOMANS, joined the literature domain of the country and, unfortunately, it ascended to a higher value in 1980s and finally peaked in 1990s. Meanwhile performing a pathological study of economic corruption’s mushrooming, the present study analyzes the rules of fighting it and their contingent shortcomings and the required regulations pertinent to fight against corruption in legal terms in such a way that the punishments of the economic corrupts and the rules of fighting against corruption could be executed so that no corrupt can find a way of escaping the legal punishment and the branches enforcing the legal regulations could better fight economic corruption. Therefore, it is through clarification of economic regulations, observation of meritocracy, elimination of the unnecessary rules and regulations, improvement of the existing rules and decisive confrontation with the economic criminals with no political and factional considerations that, besides preventing the economic corruption from being dispersed, the social justice can be institutionalized in the society more than ever before.

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