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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 2
A Review Based On Scheduler Algorithms
Pouriya Saeedaskari
Pages: 1-9


Remarkable progresses and information technology’s increased, deep and effective changes in the business environment are going on. Super-computing is one of the most innovative distribution models and IT services that can be named as the development and deployment of Internet-based services or super-computing. Super-computing is a model of distributed computing, consisting of a large number of resources and applications with the goal of sharing resources as a service over the Internet, and more efficient use of resources is a timeless challenge, hence the problem of scheduling tasks in super-computing, is considered as important that seeks an optimal scheduling to execute tasks and determine the optimal resource allocation. In this regard, different algorithms with different features there exist that are discussed in this article.

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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
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