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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
A Secure Localization Method in Wireless Sensor Network, Using Two Taylor Series
Elham Ghaffari1, 2, Mohammadreza Eslaminejad3*
Pages: 22-28


Wireless sensor network is composed of hundreds or thousands of sensor nodes that communicate and work together to perform a specific task or tasks. Information sensed by each node sent to a base station, which is called sink and connected to the AC power. In many cases, the location of sensed data is important for decision-making. Localization is used for this purpose. Localization is one of the techniques used in wireless sensor networks. Real applications of wireless sensor networks often are faced with a variety of harmful interferences that have significant impact on the efficiency of locating. In this paper, a secure and robust localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks to reduce the impact of hostility attackers as external attacks and fault and error in networks elements as internal attacks is presented. The proposed method consists of two steps which in the first step, malicious anchor nodes are detected and nodes’ trust values are calculated. In the next step, Taylor series least square method is used to estimate the coordinates of the sensor nodes. Simulation results will show that the proposed algorithm is efficient and robust.

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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
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