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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
A Study of the National Action Charter, as a Contention between Government and People in Bahrain
Ehsan Bagheri Dana, Alireza Beygi, Peyman Hassani
Pages: 79-99


There are many factors that have caused a contention between the government and the people in Bahrain. The most important of the factors is the "National Action Charter". The historical factors and the interference of regional and trans-regional countries and the kind of attitude that al-Khalifa has towards the majority of Shi'a in Bahrain, is itself a factor in exacerbating the contentions. Nonetheless, what has been caused internally in crisis between the people and the government in Bahrain is the National Action Charter. The Bahraini government claims that the approval of the charter by the people in 2001 led to the fulfillment of the demands of the people while the people believe that the National Action Charter has been designed to deceive the public. In this research, the author is going to study the most important articles of the National Action Charter with a descriptive-analytical method and reference to library resources and to answer this question, does the government’s actions are accordance with the Charter.

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