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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 1
A study on probiotic properties of indigenous yeasts isolated from curd
Hardik Shah, Mitesh Hingu and Samir Parikh
Pages: 7-18


Yeasts isolated from local dairy products were tested for their probiotic potential. The yeasts were exposed to different environmental conditions which are normally found to be in human gastrointestinal tract and were allowed to utilize different sugars so that they can be identified on the basis of biochemical characteristics. Yeasts were identified as belonging to genera Kluyveromyces, Saccharomyces and Schwanniomyces on basis of their ability to ferment sugars, assimilate carbon compounds and growth pattern in different conditions. Two of these yeasts were also identified using molecular methods. Among yeasts isolated, yeast belonging to Klyuveromyces sp. displayed excellent probiotic potential as compared to Saccharomyces sp. and Schwanniomyces sp. Probiotic properties that were studied and found appropriate for yeasts from Kluyveromyces sp. include bile tolerance, acid tolerance, cell surface hydrophobicity and certain other characteristics. All the characteristics of yeasts related to probiotic potentia

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specialty journal of biological sciences
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