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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 3
A survey of the role of Ghaznavid in evolution of great architecture in Seljuq dynasty
Dr. Seyed Hashem Hosseini1, Mohammad Hadi Zare2*
Pages: 27-35


Based on a logical principle, common arts in a specific period can be affected by the arts of previous periods. This is true about great art of Seljuq dynasty taking power after Ghaznavid. Regarding the art of Seljuq era, many arts including architecture, metal work, pottery, brick, etc. were dominant. One of the dominant arts in Seljuq dynasty was architecture. Most researchers don’t give much consideration to progress of architecture in Islamic periods of Iran for pre- Seljuq era. This study attempts to evaluate architectural works of Ghaznavids and apply their literal and historical works namely Beihaghi history reflecting Ghaznavi era and refer a part of inspiration of Seljuq artists of rich architecture of Ghaznavids era. This issue has been ignored due to great art and architecture style of Seljuq. Keywords: Ghaznavid architecture, Seljuq architecture, Islamic era, Beihaghi history

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