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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
Alternate Sentences of Imprisonment in Iran and International Criminal Law
Ghafor Yosefi
Pages: 45-50


Many countries in international law have been wary of abandonment and wise measures, taking into account the dilemmas and consequences of the imprisonment imprisonment. And by stepping up their efforts to regulate their laws and judicial system. Prison punishment, as one of the most important criminal penalties, has been discussed more and more today, and it is clear that the prison sentence violates human rights. Prison sentences as one of the most important punitive penalties are now being discussed more and more often. And it's clear that prison sentences violate human rights, because they have effects and consequences that are completely different from the purpose of imprisonment. The fact that the collection of prison conditions and conditions does not only help to rehabilitate the accused personality and restore him to the community, but also provides grounds for repeat offenses for prisoners. The imprisonment, with its limiting nature, has experienced a variety of collective, individual, and gradual methods in its implementation, but despite the diversity and diversity of prison administration systems, punishment has failed in its function and achievement of its goals. Looking at the situation in our country, we will find that we are currently seeing a non-rational and irrational increase in the prison population and we are faced with an unreasonable, but at the same time, malpractice. The reason for failure is the lack of imprisonment and the ineffectiveness of the realization Purposes of punishment. The law enforcers of criminal incitement after seeking frustration from jail and clarifying the failure, sought alternatives to jail.

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