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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
An Analysis of Dower Insurance in Iranian Legal System
Azadeh Azardar, Majid Doroudian, Tahmineh Rahmani
Pages: 8-18


The present study aimed to determine the position of dower (Mahrieh) insurance in the Iranian ‎legal system and to examine the conditions as well as the main advantages of dower insurance ‎in the Iranian legal system. The research method was descriptive, documentary and analytical ‎containing a qualitative analysis. Dower insurance is one type of insurances in Iran. The ‎insurance conditions have been determined in such a way that it can cover just some dowers or ‎part of them. In fact, dower insurance is considered as mixed life insurance whose purpose is to ‎invest and save money in order to bail the wife out. In the dower insurance, the husband makes ‎a long-term or short-term contract with the insurance company, and he pays a certain sum or ‎sums of money monthly or annually, or even to pay all the money in cold cash to the insurance ‎company. In return, the insurer is obliged to pay his wife's dower when the contract comes to a ‎conclusion regarding the amount and size of the selected capital.

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