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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
An Analysis of the Principles and Concepts of the Rights of Broadcasting Sports Events
Mohammad Shams
Pages: 76-83


The current reserach has studied the principles and concepts of rights of broadcasting sport events. Legally speaking, contract of sports broadcasting creates rights for the club and other beneficiaries to ask for broadcasting rights in return of broadcasting their sport programs on radio and TV. The findings of our research indicate that in Iran broadcasting rights are exclusively reserved for IRIB and the broadcasting rights fee is paid to the organization of sport leagues for broadcasting sport competitions. The amount of broadcasting right fee of sporting events that must be paid to the league organization is determined based on the exact evaluations of the experts in view of the scale of competition and the number of broadcasting of competitions, number of viewers, the profits of broadcasting and advertisements during the broadcasting. Since according to the principle 44 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, Radio and TV broadcasting is exclusively controlled by the governmental sector; in other words, in Iran private sector is not allowed to be involved in the TV and Radio broadcasting activities. For solving this problem in the light of the experiences of other countries we can recognize the broadcasting rights in the form of an intellectual right/property for sport like other areas and industries produces products and services that are based on skill, thought or fame. Like other industries, it has a product that might be based on skill, thought or even fame.

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specialty journal of politics and law
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