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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
An Exploration of the Effectiveness of learning Environment on Improving the Quality of Architecture’s Education
Faranak karimdokht Molume, Seyyed Bagher Hosseini, Reza Parvizi
Pages: 104-111


A learning environment involves all of the social, Cultural factors and the physical, mental and emotional facilities which influence on a learner’s growth and development in an educational institute. A human being’s life is mostly intertwined with learning and experiences which occur through fellowship and social interactions. This is while the role of physical design has been proved in terms of the environment’s effects on establishing positive and constructive social behaviors. What can be studied as the problem for the settings of architecture’s education is the lack of effective physical criteria on designing desirable education setting for improving the users’ social interactions. Therefore, the current research intends to explore and obtain the physical criteria influencing on designing the architecture faculty for improving the quality of education. The research design involves a descriptive – analytical research of survey kind. In order to measure the variables, a questionnaire was used and the data was analyzed by SPSS. The results indicated that the physical criteria can improve the quality of architecture’s education.

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