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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 3
Analysis and Evaluation of the Trend of Street Architecture Developments by Using Multi-Criteria Decision Making Model (Case Study: West of Iran, Streets of Sanandaj, Hamedan and Kermanshah)
Nazanin Fozouni, Ali Alaei, Mohammadamin Mohammadi
Pages: 46-59


Over the centuries, Iranian architecture has undergone various changes, and has gradually been removed from its traditional state of the art. Street architecture has not been the exception. The streets are the main building blocks of the city and they are considered as the most important elements of the city. Therefore, the present study has examined and evaluated the process of street architecture developments by using a multivariate decision making model. The method of this research is descriptive-analytic. The research data were collected through a questionnaire of 40 experts in the field of study. To analyze the data, the similarity method has been used to fuzzy ideal option FTOPSIS. The results of the surveys indicate that the trend of changes in the studied streets according to the similarity index in the time returns of years 1961 to 1996 (0.521), which shows that during this period, the highest changes have been observed in the architectural indexes of the study; while the trend of changes in the returns from the years 1941 to 1961according to the similarity index (0.553), has the highest analytical weight in this study and during this period, appropriate changes are assessed.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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