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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Analysıs of Teacher Competency Accordıng to Candıdate Teachers
Gülsün Şahan, Süleyman Göksoy, Aynur B. Bostancı
Pages: 43-53


Children's education is important for all countries. Teachers are in an important position in the preparation of children for the future. For this reason, teachers must be well trained. The purpose of the research is to determine the positive and negative characteristics of the teacher, the personal and professional characteristics of the teacher and the recommendations. For this purpose, he asked prospective teachers about the personal and professional positive and negative characteristics of his education life. The study group consists of 99 students from Düzce and Uşak Universities. 66 students studying at Düzce and Uşak universities and 25 students who completed the form were taken in writing and interviewed with 8 class teachers. The research used qualitative research methods, document analysis and interview methods. Two different data types were collected and evaluated in the study. The data obtained in written form and obtained from the interviews were analyzed by content analysis. As a result of this research, the characteristics of qualified teachers; field knowledge, counseling, motivation, entertaining teaching and teaching were found. In addition, teachers who threaten students with notes, perform monotonous courses, and distinguish students were found to be inadequate. Teacher candidates should be informed about the characteristics of an effective teacher and it should be emphasized that this is important.

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