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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
Analysis of the Ubayd Zakani’s ‘Mouse and Cat’ Poem from a ‎Psychoanalytical Perspective
Maryam Abdi, Mohammad Fazeli
Pages: 1-8


Ubayd Zakani’s ‘Mouse and Cat’ is a quite political story criticizing the conditions and ‎situation of the Ubayd’s era society. Although the political perspective of this story is ‎bolder than the other perspectives, its latent subtle points cannot be ignored. The current ‎study, regarding the principle of returning to nature, which has been approved by both Rumi ‎and Saadi, and based on Clifford’s Ethics of Belief and Einstein and Freud’s views of war, ‎as well as the psychological defensive mechanisms, has been psychoanalytically analyzed. ‎Can credulity and gullibility regarded as cruelty? Is the mouse’s repentance a false one? ‎And, basically, is there an instinct within man which is satisfied with violence and war? ‎These are the questions the author has answered throughout the article. Returning to the ‎nature and essence, the compensation mechanism, deceit and reverse reaction, credulity and ‎gullibility, and war as an excuse for satisfaction of one of the instincts, are among the ‎achievements of the current research which have been realized through studying numerous ‎books and articles‎.


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