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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 1
Analyzing the Aesthetic Components of Color in the Works of Coffee Shop Painters
Zahra Soltani Kohbanani, Navid Khalesi
Pages: 1-9


The coffee shops paintings, in general, are the reflection of desires, interests, myths, and national and religious beliefs; meanwhile, they represent the ruling cultural spirit of the middle class in the urban community in Iran. This kind of painting has got its own special features and components which should be investigated in its own place, separately. One of the important aspects of these features is the aesthetic one which the current paper attempted to investigate. That said, the main purpose of the current study was to investigate the aesthetic features in the paintings of Hossein Gholler Aghasi. The main research questions were: How did the coffee shop painters use color to create artistic works? Did the painters pay attention to the concepts and effects of colors in their work? What colors have been used in coffee shop paintings and for conveying which concepts? How did the coffee shop painters use color and which components were included in their paintings? Moreover, in the current study, the combination of colors, the harmony of colors, the cold and warm colors, and their concepts, as well as the ratio of the function of colors to objects and geometric shapes were examined. The results of this thesis show that Agassi has a full understanding of the components and principles of linguistic, the concepts of colors, harmony, and the combination of different colors. Accordingly, in each of the types of coffee houses (Religious, Martial, and lyrical), the right harmony gives geometric shapes with appropriate colors and a decent character has been done through any color.

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