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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 1
Antibacterial Activity of Different Citrus Fruits
Shyla Afroja, Faysun Nessa Falgunee, Mst. Mushkika Jahan, Khokon Mia Akanda, Sanjia Mehjabin, G.M. Masud Parvez
Pages: 25-32


Medicinal plants are the natural resources in developing of new drugs. The antibacterial activity of natural products from medicinal plant are applicable for the treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral disease and these are recent technical advancements taken place in this area. The genus Citrus has a number of species and hybrids that are well established for their pharmaceutical and economic importance. The peel extracts of Kagja Lemon (C2), South African Malta (C5), and Dargiling Orange (C8) show very high antibacterial activity on B. cereus, both methanol and ethyl acetate has and in this case MIC is equal to MBC where the inhibitory concentration is 31.25 µg/ml. The other extracts exhibit moderated activities on B. cereus. The methanolic extract shows very potent activities against S. aureus but reduces activity on ethyl acetate extracts. The Kagji Lemon (C1), Kagja Lemon (C2), Elachi Lemon (C3), and Batabi Lemon (C4) extracts have inhibitory concentration of 31.25 µg/ml on S. aureus whereas the ethyl acetate extracts have inhibitory concentration of 250-750 µg/ml

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