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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
Arbitration Award and its Annulment in UNCITRAL Model Law and Iran’s Law
Sareh Soury
Pages: 9-17


International arbitration is a protocol forecasted to settle disputes in an international level. Appealing to arbitration might take place after the emergence of disagreements or while drafting a contract. Such a method of coming to terms is most frequently applied in international commercial contracts. The contract interpretation and enforcement are amongst the issues proposed in international commercial arbitration. In fact, the arbitration parties and arbitrators devise policies to control the arbitration process and it is substantially held non-adherent to the national standards meaning that arbitration has nothing to do with the domestic rules. Due to the same reason, it is evident that the governing regulations formulate the most important topic in international commercial arbitration. Arbitration has been accepted by the international commercial society for various reasons and it is becoming substituted for the state court’s judicial methods in a daily increasing manner. The majority of the arbitration regulations are influenced by the UNCITRAL model law and there are also regulations not in compliance with the UNCITRAL Model Law. Iran’s international commercial arbitration laws seem to have considered the UNCITRAL’s Model Law as a primary source and, in the meantime, adjustments have also been brought about therein according to Iran’s internal conditions. However, the success of this law can be ascertained in the course of time.

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