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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 3
Assessing the Impact of Teaching Aids for Effective Teaching and Learning of Economics for Senior Secondary School in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Adamu Mohammed, Bashir Abdullahi2
Pages: 10-18


This study was set to achieve certain objectives among which are to assess the impact of ‎teaching aids for effective teaching and learning of Economics in senior secondary schools in ‎Yola north. The study adopted survey research design. The area of the study was Yola north, ‎Adamawa state. The target population for this study consisted of 111 senior secondary schools ‎in Yola educational zone Yola north and 1597 teachers out of which only Economics teachers ‎will be sampled. Random sampling technique was used in this study. The researcher randomly ‎picked five secondary schools in urban and five secondary schools in rural. The instrument ‎used in this study was availability and utilization of teaching aids questionnaire (AUSFQ). The ‎questionnaire was subjected to face validation by three (3) experts in the field of educational ‎management, measurement and evaluation. The researcher and two of research assistant (RA’s) ‎administered the questionnaire on both the principals and teachers’. The data collected will be ‎analyzed using mean and standard deviation to answer research questions; while the null ‎hypothesis will be analyzed using statistical tool of t-test. All the hypotheses tested at 0.05 level ‎of significance were rejected. Based on the data collected and analysed statistically. ‎Conclusion was made that there is a significant difference between the impact of teaching aids ‎for effective teaching and learning of Economics in senior secondary schools in Yola north. ‎Recommendations are made that Government and non-governmental organisations should ‎sponsor Economics teachers for training in how to use available teaching aids‎.

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