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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Assessment of Knowledge and Practice of Diabetes Mellitus Patients Regarding Foot Care in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Quetta, Pakistan
Noman Ul Haq, Palwasha Durrani, Aqeel Nasim, Sohail Riaz
Pages: 35-43


Abstract: Objective: The present research aimed to evaluate practice and knowledge about foot care in patients of diabetes mellitus among two different Government hospitals and general community of Quetta city, Pakistan. Methodology: Questionnaire based cross sectional study conducted among general population and 2 different government hospitals diabetic patients and about 380 questionnaires were distributed among patients. Data gathered from April 2015 to September 2015. Pretested questionnaire was used to evaluate practice and knowledge of diabetic patients about foot care. Practice and knowledge scores were classified as poor and adequate, less than 50% for poor and greater than 50% for adequate. Descriptive and inferential statistics have been done by using SPSS version 20. Result: Of 380 questionnaires, 364 were returned. Majority 112 (30.8%) of respondents were from 46-55 years. Male gender dominated with 204 (56.0%). Marital status result showed that there were 323 (88.7%) married. Majority of respondents were from urban locality 269(73.9%). Majority of respondents 80 (22.0%) were educated. Majority of respondents 168 (46.2%) were having no job. 58.8% respondents had adequate knowledge and 62.4% had poor practice of DM foot care. There is statically significance difference among occupation (p<0.001), locality (p<0.001), income (p<0.001) and Level of education (p<0.001) which shows static significance difference in knowledge and practice score. Conclution: The result of the study shows poor practice and adequate knowledge in Diabetic patients about foot care; to enhance overall practice, it is necessary to make knowledge better and to reduce diabetes foot complications.

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