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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
Children Protected Under International Humanitarian Law
Khalil Akbariavaz, Askar Jalalian
Pages: 65-75


There is no accusation of a more sacred world of children, and there is no more important duty than protecting and respecting the rights of children, because the protection of their rights is the protection of the future of all humankind. Although the international community has not ignored children and their needs for protection and care, what we see in many parts of the world of abuse of children's rights is very sad. In particular, the majority of these violations, the most serious of which are those that occur to children as a result of wars and conflicts, leave behind large numbers of victims, mostly children. This study is divided into two chapters. Chapter I discusses the issue of the protection of children in the light of the principles of international humanitarian law. Chapter II is divided into two parts. Section I describes the role of the United Nations and international criminal justice in the protection of children in international humanitarian law. The second section deals with the leading models of international organizations for the protection of children in international humanitarian law represented by UNICEF and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Finally, this study concludes with a number of recommendations. The researcher hopes to be highlighted. 

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