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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 5, 2020, Issue 1
Comments on the Theory of Liberation by Paulo Freire and the Seven Knowledge of the Education of the Future by Edgar Morín
José Luis Corona Lisboa
Pages: 12-15


The objective of the present work was to comment on some outstanding ideas about the Theory of the Oppressed of the pedagogue Paulo Freire and the Seven Knowledge of the Future Education of the philosopher Edgar Morín, who independently but interrelated, developed these theories that account for the misrepresentation of Latin American education and its critical points in the social, educational and economic development of the Latin region. The theme was framed in a non-experimental investigation, with a documentary review of the most important points taken from each author. The conclusive analysis of the documents extracted from various indexed bibliographic sources and books published by them, show that education in the American hemisphere should focus on the autonomy of the citizen and the emancipation of being through an education that achieves the intellectual development of people, to then look at the surrounding reality where man develops and find various feasible solutions in a joint way, to attack illiteracy and educational, social and economic problems of our America. 

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specialty journal of politics and law
Issue 2, Volume 5, 2020