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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 1
Comparative Study of AODV, DSDV and DSR Routing Protocols in MANET Using Network Simulator-2
V. Rajeshkumar, P.Sivakumar
Pages: 35-42


ABSTRACT: Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that dynamically form a network temporarily without any support of central management. Moreover, Every node in MANET moves arbitrarily making the multi-hop network topology to change randomly at uncertain times. There are several familiar routing protocols like AODV,DSR,DSDV etc… which have been proposed for providing communication among all the nodes in the wireless network. This paper presents a performance comparison and study of reactive and proactive protocols AODV,DSR and DSDV based on metrics such as throughput, control overhead ,packet delivery ratio and average end-to-end delay by using the NS-2 simulator.

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