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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 1
Comparative Study of Microbial Quality of Hawked Nono and Packaged Yogurt Sold In Bida Metropolis
Mohammed A.S and Abdullahi M
Pages: 1-4


ABSTRACT: A study was undertaken to ascertain the microbiological safety and compared the level of contamination between nono and package yogurt collected from different market sources within Bida. Three (3) samples each of nono and yogurt were purchased and analysed. The microbial count was determined by surface plating using colony counter, contaminant including E.coli salmonella, shigella, fungi (mucors sp) among others. The microbial count of nono was relatively higher ranges from 2.7x107cfu/ml to 4.lx107cfu/ml for bacteria pathogens and fungi 9.1x107cfu/ml as compared to yogurt samples which range from 1.8x106cfu/ml to 7.8x106cfu/ml for bacteria and fungi 3.7x107cfu/ml. Total viable count (Tvc) was 6.6x107cfu/ml in yogurt while in nono it was numerous (TNC). The result show that Nono is highly contaminated with microbes than yogurt,sources of contamination were found to be the milking environment/area,the utensils and equipment, the personnel/milker as well as water used for the processing.Therefore, it is recommended that nono should be properly pasteurized and adequate hygienic measures should be adopted.

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