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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
Comparison the Accuracy of Ct Scan and Endosonography in Abdominal Vascular Invasion in Pancreatic Cancer at Firoozgar Hospital
Iman Mohseni, Mehrdad Jourgholami, Mohammadreza Hoseini
Pages: 34-36


Introduction: Definitive treatment for pancreatic cancancer is surgical resection,edosonography  and conrast ct scan are current preoperative methodes for assesment the resectability in this cancer. In this study we evaluated and compare the accuracy (ppv,npv) and sensetivity , specificity of these tw0 methodes in pancreatic cancer vascular invasion. Method: 46 cases with pathologically and surgically prouved adenocarcinoma were evaluated. in all patients ct scan with contrast ,EUS and surgury were performed. Retrospectively the result of these modalities in vascular invasion compared with surgical findings as a gold standard. Result: 3 cases were male, 15 were female. the mean age in male was 57 years old , and 55 in female. The majority of masses was in pancreatic head. The accuracy and sensitivity and specificity of ct scan was more than EUS. Conclusion: Although many studis evaluated the accuracy of endosonography and ct scan in the local staging of pancreatic cancer vascular invasion. Few had evaluated these modalities for the detection of vascular invasion based on surgical results. In patients who are being considered for resectional surgery,ct scan with contrast and EUS became the standard imaging modality in the preoprative assesment.

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