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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 3
Considering The Effects of Railway on Urban Development
Fatemeh Keypour, Sayna Bahmani, Seyed Hassan Rasouli
Pages: 15-28


City as an innovation of man noticed by civilization since early. The way of consisting locoting elements important divisions of City & their connection to eachother is offected by many factors such as economical- social managing – militarian factors & also features & needs & their relation to other factors. It is anticipated that by entrance to third millenniem , almost half of the world population being inhabitant in civic area. While civic development a aspace concept of changes in land using & aggregations surface, for meeting the need of citizen in the field of house, transportatin, free times & food & so on, but the important position of railway transportation is determined in relocation, in relocation , distribution & exchanges related to diffrent activities which leads to increasing traffic in city & physical development of city, because the effects of railway cause consisting development, field & organizing various activities in cities. We can say; complenity of each factors (economic, social, political, geografical, sociological) by self was sity procreator, as its spatial crystallization. Certainly, organizing city & the way of its development & evolution needs identifying city issue & civic problems & them planning for it this research is an analytic& descriptive approach. Gothering field information is done by using questionnaire & spss software & for priority of program, TOPSIS model eas used by calculating recent behaviour average &contrasting it with middle of saying surface which is estimated 108, by guessing railway effective role on Sari development inexistency, we can reject limit lower dawn middle, also by using TOPSIS omethod for arranging Sari locations according to calculating weights, dokhaniat & servinebagh were the most offerctable place respectively & bakh 8& peivandy were the least affectable place respectively.

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