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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Creating a Knowledge Management Framework: Using After Action Review Technique in Barez Industrial Group (R & D Section)
Mohsen Ghaffari, Ahmad Sepehri, Mahnush Momeni Landi
Pages: 20-33


In the era of knowledge-based economics, the creation, distribution and application of knowledge are the main factors behind the development and growth of an organization; therefore knowledge and its management are essential for any attempt to succeed. In the turbulent environment of organizations along with the intensification of the competitive processes, achieving new strategic advantages and creating distinctive competences are the prerequisite for overcoming competitors. And this, above all other things, depends on the quality of knowledge and elite capital of the organizations. Knowledge management in projects and project-oriented organizations is becoming a prerequisite for competitive advantage. Barez Industrial Group is the biggest tire manufacturer in Iran. After assessing the level of knowledge management maturity, this corporation has implemented knowledge management techniques and tools since 2014. One of the focus areas on the R & D roadmap has been creating a good framework for project knowledge management. So, reaching this purpose, knowledge management framework has been designed in Barez, and the knowledge of projects has been managed by using After Action Review (AAR) technique by which result projects’ learned lesson were produced and shared in a standard format. Recording experiences and projects’ learned lesson, and reusing them in future projects will prevent error repetition and reduce the waste of resources in this corporation.

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specialty journal of knowledge management
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