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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
Volume 3, 2019, Issue 2
Criteria for Determining the Center of Khorramabad City (With Emphasis on Functional and Identity Criteria)
Forouzan Biranvand
Pages: 23-37


The central part of cities is one of the most important urban areas that according to the specific features of each city have features and functions at different levels of activity (urban and sometimes beyond) and are usually considered as the center of major urban activities. In this research, a framework consisting of historical factors, economic, social, traffic. Subsequently, by analyzing the various characteristics, the role of each of these factors is studied in the formation of the central sector and by overlapping the boundaries, the central area of the city Khorramabad is specified. The researches have shown that historical factorsidentity and economic factors have played a greater role in the city of Khorramabad. Also, the variety of functional and activities with a variety of functional (and metamorphic) levels is also the most important aspect of the central part of the city from other parts of it and its range in this respect is different from other parts of the city.

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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
Issue 4, Volume 3, 2019