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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Denotations and their Kinds in Jurisprudential Principles and Statutory Provisions
Abolfazl Baghery Rad, Fiama Defa’azadeh
Pages: 86-99


Although discerning the internal layers of the words is more difficult, it does not mean disregarding the special styles and methods for the recognition of the denotation of the words. Mantuq, equivalent in English to denotations, refers to the meaning that can be readily understood from legal terms and texts. In simple terms, denotation is the same surface meaning of the words and sentences. But, because this apparent meaning is expressed differently, it demands a separate investigation. The apparent expression is sometimes stated explicitly in the form of congruous and implicative connotation. Also, the implication can take an implicit or so-called indirect implication. The implicit or the very indirect implication refers to the use of a word to mean something other than what is stated which per se incorporates suitable implication, remark implication and demonstrative implication.

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