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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 3
Design a Residential Complex in the city of Karaj with Iranian-Islamic Architectural Approach
Amir Farajollahi Rod, Mehrab Ardiani
Pages: 35-45


Today's Iranian housing is taken from western patterns and this form of housing is far from the life of Iranian society. At the moment, Iranian housing and especially its design is based on elements and criteria inspired by Western architecture and concepts, symbols and especially Islamic symbols, which have existed in Iran, have been removed from the architecture of Iranian housing.  Since the lifestyle in the Iranian family is different from the West, we can’t use all western patterns in the design of the houses. On the other hand, regarding the modernization of life in recent years, it is not possible to construct and use only pattern of historical houses. In this paper, the main principles of the traditional architecture of Iran are explained to interrogate these principles in the formation of a contemporary residential complex in Karaj, Iran. Also a table is provided to show the utilization of the Iranian traditional design concepts in Karaj residential complex. It is believed that such study would increase the awareness of contemporary architecture by providing them some clues on maintaining the traditional values in the current design particularly in the residential sector that would improve the quality of space in contemporary architecture.

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