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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 4
Designing A Children Educational Center with an Approach to Foster Creativity and Vitality
Zeynab Bahadori
Pages: 9-19


This research aims to design a "baby house" in which spaces are compatible with children's physical and mental conditions, based on technical, health, social and spatial principles for development and nurture of creativity. Among many influential factors in development of child creativity, impact of quality of architectural space on fostering creativity has been neglected. Therefore, educational spaces are of the most important influential environments in child's personality, because children make up the most sensitive and impressible age group in a community. They need to experience social life on their own scale in most sensitive and important years of their life when foundations of their mental, physical and social development are formed until they enter the city, and this requires provision of a childish and sincere atmosphere. Kindergartens that have been studied in the country include Rahian Roshd Nursery and Gheseye man Nursery, and the ones studied abroad include Trenton Nursery (Wall Pasteur, Southern Tyrol, Italy), Welles-Rubio Nursery (located in Spain), Fur Fetters Haust, Vietnam's “agriculture Nursery” and Barbapapa Nursery (Vigenaura, Modena, Italy), that were studied in terms of furniture, training and furniture of classes. In this research, designed and implemented architectural samples in terms of performance and psychological aspects have been criticized, reviewed and compared, and comprehensive principles were developed for designing this important space using obtained results.

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