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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 2
Designing A Youth Cultural Center in Rasht City with an Environmental Psychological
Maryam Padmehr
Pages: 1-5


Culture is the most sustainable form of society, and it takes into account the quality of society and the reality in that, and in this regard, cultural center is a building in which one or more cultural institutions are active. In cultural centers, there are usually conditions for the training of various cultural and social issues. Cultural academies are personality-oriented. According to the surveys carried out in Rasht, and considering the size of the existing young population, the lack of youth cultural center was felt in proportion to large cities like Tehran. In this research, due to the importance of youth in society and their mental health, studies have been conducted on psychology of environment and the youth cultural center proposal. As a result, it was prioritized for proper knowledge of this space and the knowledge of its features. A qualitative research design is planned for this thesis. The conceptual model is in the order of prioritization of the research stages, which begins with climate and site studies including the physical program.

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