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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 4
Designing Roudbar Residential Complex with the Approach of Earthquake Resistant and Taking Advantage of the Features of Form and Structure
Sara Hadad Dabaghi, Mohammad Rahmani Ghasabe
Pages: 1-13


Because the earthquake is one of the harmful factors that damages properties and human lives annually, statistics of injuries shows that over 130000 people have lost their lives during the past 100 years in Iran. Thus, according to Khazar and Alborz Faults existence which caused great damage in north of Iran, it is necessary to design a residential complex with an earthquake-resistant form, appropriate landscape design, and interior design and anti-seismic technologies. Therefore, the study aimed to design earthquake-resistant buildings. Present study is a descriptive-analytical approach carried out on a mixed method platform. The study focuses on designing Roudbar Residential Complex based on an anti-seismic approach. It is a cross-sectional research since its findings can be used to solve the safety problems of Roudbar building with respect to earthquakes of the regions. The causality relationship in this research can be formulated as follows: the novel anti-seismic technologies increase safety and reduce damages caused by earthquakes.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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