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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 4
Do intelligent Buildings (Ibs) Promote Well-Being? Identify the Key Influential Factors and Shortcomings
Saghar Hashemi
Pages: 40-45


Physiological comfort and health is something that could be explained scientifically, by referring to certain physical conditions of architecture that match the needs of comfort and health. Well-being must be thought of not as provided to or obtained by individuals, but as socially constructed and constituted within the political and cultural context. But sometimes the building design may not create a better indoor comfort and one of the reasons is that we lack of an interdisciplinary study and the cross-disciplines knowledge frame from the physical climate, architectural design, organization environment, as well as social and cultural background of the users. IBs should respond to the needs of their occupants and society, be functional and sustainable, and promote wellbeing of the people (Clements-Croome 2013).

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