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specialty journal of accounting and economics
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
Effect of Securities and Financial Scams on Investors’ Perception
Pooja Sharma, Navjot kaur and Abhay Grover
Pages: 75-81


Scams have been occurring in stock markets across the world at regular intervals and these have resulted in people losing their huge capitals invested in various types of securities. Stock market scams are also called as securities scams as different types of securities are traded in the stock market. Stock market scams are result of various types of manipulations and other processes carried out by investors and traders at various levels. The investors’ perception is greatly affected by the securities and financial scams. The thinking and attitude of the investors towards stock market is greatly influenced by the scams. Therefore, the objective of this paper was to study the effect of securities and financial scams on investor perception. This study is exploratory in nature. It focused on the securities and financial scams on the investor’s perception. Consequently, the quantitative analysis of data is done. The data is collected through the structured questionnaire method. The Paired Samples T-test and regression analysis is used with the help of SPSS software for the analysis of data.

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