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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 4
Effectiveness of Antiviral Compounds at The Adeno-Herpetic Co-Infection
Liubov Biliavska, Yulia Pankivska, Krystyna Naumenko, Olga Povnitsa, Svitlana Zagorodnya
Pages: 44-50


Viral co-infection is one of the current and unexplored issues of human infectious diseases. A special place in the progression of these pathologies is occupied by adeno- and herpes viruses being able to long persist in the body. There is a huge lack of knowledge about antiviral activities of specific drugs during the mixed infections. For the testing of the antiviral medication acyclovir (ACV) and for research of new fluorine-containing analog of L-phenylalanine (10S-24), the model of simultaneous adeno-herpetic infection of MDBK cells was used. Determination of the antiviral effect using cytomorphology method, infectious virus yield reduction assay and cell cycle analysis demonstrated the inhibitory effect of the 10S24 on the late phase of the HSV-1 and HAdV5 reproduction. Decreased activity of the substance was resulted by 16-57% compared to HSV-1 through the application of 10S-24 at mixed infection. The use of the ACV at mixed infection, reduces its activity against HSV-1 by 16 - 46%. It was shown that compounds were not effective against HAdV5 at the mixed infection of cells. Further investigation is needed to explore the mechanisms of the loss of antiviral activity of compounds.

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