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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
Effectiveness of positive thinking skills Training on Hamedan Students Anxiety and Happiness
Zahra Afshari Moaser
Pages: 72-79


Students as main founders of science and knowledge production have effective role in the advancement of the country. So, strengthening the happiness and prosperity in the university is very important, so that it brings well – being of students health and the university health. The main hypothesis of this research was that training positive thinking skills reduces anxiety of the students and this increases happiness. present research is of semi – experimental (intervention) researchs with the pre test – post test with the control group. In this research, population is the students of Hamedan office in 93 – 94 academic year. A sample of 30 students were selected in multi – stage random method. before performing educational intervention (introducing independent variable), two groups were pre tested using Cattell Anxiety and Oxford Happiness questionnaire (positive thinking). Then, subjects were randomly assigned in two experimental and control groups. In the next step, the experimental group was taught positive thinking skills for 8 sessions of 2 hours. One week after intervention, each group was post tested two times. Analysis of results using independent t – test showed that difference of the trace between two experimental and control groups is significant. In other words, positive thinking skills training was effective in changing anxiety and happiness. Obtained result in the research are consistent with other researches and confirm efficiency and effectiveness of positive thinking skills training on reducing anxiety and increasing happiness of the girl students.

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specialty journal of psychology and management
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