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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
Volume 2, 2018, Issue 4
Elaborating the Role of Local Participation in Comprehensive Plans’ Success Rate
Shaharam Karampour, Alireza Estelaji
Pages: 1-5


Preparation and implementation of rural pilot plans are amongst the most important government’s responsibilities for organizing and developing the country’s villages in the course of which the development and expansion trends of the villages are specified meanwhile coordinating and modifying the their physical texture. Now that about two decades have elapsed since the development of a pilot rural plan, various effects in textural-spatial grounds, including alteration of the villages’ texture, change of the house construction pattern, discoordination in the villages’ network of passageways and facilitation of the villagers’ traffic can be seen. In spite of the preliminary objectives and programs of these plans for the development of the villages in various regions of the country, it seems that the preparation and execution of them have been faced with numerous problems in practice due to the villagers’ lack of participation. In Gilan province’s villages, as well, the implementation of pilot plan has not taken the expected trend and the objectives of the pilot plan have been actualized to a lesser degree. Thus, the present study aims at emphasizing the importance and necessity of the pilot plans in rural spots via adopting a special approach to the villagers’ participation in village development, particularly successful implementation of the pilot plans.

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