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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 4
Energy Production and Consumption in the World and in Iran with A Look at Future
Allahbakhsh Kavoosi
Pages: 1-8


Important events of the world that are affected by the industrial revolution have caused greater need to energy. Development of the industry of responding to this need increased energy consumption and caused oil crises that affected fossil energy sources. Increased energy consumption, on the other hand, led to environmental crises. Statistics show an increase in demand and an increase in consumption and, consequently, an increase in the environmental crises on a global scale. Despite having huge fossil energy resources, Iran has been affected by these crises such that with the current technology of energy consumption, Iran has the highest energy intensity index. The results show that Iran and other countries of the world are faced with a crisis of energy production and consumption. The way to get out of the crisis is changing the pattern and technology of energy production and consumption and changing energy sources from fossil fuels to renewable sources in line with supporting existing fossil resources and protecting the environment.

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