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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 2
Evaluating the Time Distribution of Tourism Climate of Kerman Using TCI Model
Mohsen Ilaghi Hosseini, Nima Jahanbin
Pages: 33-42


Abstract: Studying and identifying the constraints and threatening risks of atmosphere as well as awareness of the gravities and the potential in geographical during climate features in different seasons is very important in tourism planning. Tourism Climate Index (TCI) as a useful indicator in the field of tourism integrates the different parameters of climate and presents them in the form of an index that easily is interpretable by tourists. The goal of this study is offering tourism monthly calendar and also accordance of time-local of attracting the tourist using the TCI. In order to study climate Index in Kerman, first, the monthly recorded data of seven required climate parameters was gathered from synoptic stations of Kerman in the period of 60 years (1951-2010 AD) and after analyzing and processing and preparing the database, obtain the rank of each components of the CID, CIA and ultimately TCI's value is calculated separately for months. The results of this study indicate that during a year May has the highest Tourism Climate priority in Kerman with the ideal descriptive features and after September and October with the same described features. The lowest priority is related to months of December and then January and February. In other words, spring and fall in Kerman, Tourism Climate have high priority in spite of summer and winter which have low priority of tourism climate.

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