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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
Evaluation of Serum Albumin in Dialysis Patients Before and After Intervention in Diet and Nutrition Education
Morteza Ramezani, Umm ul-Banin Narenji, Azam Hashemzadeh
Pages: 1-5


Objective: The lack of proper nutrition and decreases in blood protein and albumin levels are common problems of hemodialysis patients, which is related to rises in the hospitalization rate and mortality of these patients. This study aimed to investigate blood albumin levels in hemodialysis patients before and after alterations in their diets and nutrition education. Methods: In the present descriptive study, laboratory data were extracted from the records of 46 patients (23 males and female 23) undergoing hemodialysis at Ahar Bagher-Al-Oloum Hospital in 2014. Albumin concentrations were measured in three stages. The first and second stages were before and after diet intervention and nutrition education, and the third period was 3 months after intervention in diet and nutrition education. The results of albumin blood tests were compared before and after the alterations, and the data were analyzed by SPSS software. Findings: Average blood albumin level was 3.32 before the alterations, which rose to 3.59 after alterations, and to 3.84 after 3 months of the alternations (P > 0.05). Conclusion: There were significant differences between albumin measurements in the dialyzed patients before and after diet alterations and nutrition education (P < 0.05). However, there were no significant differences following the alterations and after three months of the intervention (P < 0.05).

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