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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
Evaluation of sky view factor under the pretext of urban geometry and a variable in comfort
Mehrangiz Piriyaei, Sahar Khodabakhshi, Hamidreza Saremi
Pages: 57-66


Today, while creating a new geometry as urban geometry that has significant effects on the environment and urban climate, it has been become a design approach by planner and architects to promote environment comfort quality and to satisfy members. The main characteristic of urban geometry is as variable as sky view factor that states geometrical shape of the surface. In this study, while introducing the sky view factor as a key factor in comfort and its relationship to the other factors affecting on the microclimate along with case study on houses of Yazd, we try to indicate how to use the sky view factor in the formation of climate architecture of Yazd. In research method part, we have restricted the scope of our studies to open spaces of residential houses to limit the scope of studies as well as reduce variables. In this study, cross-sectional descriptive research method has been used. The sky view factor was measured through spherical shooting by Rayman computing program. The obtained data, as well as information aboutthe structure, included length width, height comparable basis, and the sky view factor in structure.The results of comparing the analogy between building show that this factor is considered in the design of buildings and principles of designing spaces are in a defined range. Keywords: urban geometry, the sky view factor, thermal comfort, Yazd climate.

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