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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 4
Evaluation of the Neurofeedback Method Effectiveness On Craving in Narcotic Drugs-Dependent Patients
Hamid Vazifheshenas, Firouz Sepehrian Azar, Esmaeil Soleimani
Pages: 61-67


The goal of this research was to study and determine effectiveness of the Neurofeedbackt therapeutic method on amount of Craving in narcotic drugs–dependent patients and research method was quasi-experimental. 20 narcotic drugs- dependent male patients with40-20 year-old age range and referring to the 10 centers and addiction rehabilitation clinic of Bojnord city with the number of 80 people that 40 people were selected randomly and after the implementation of Franken ' s Craving inventory were placed in two experiment and control group by the random assignment and makeup. Patients in the experimental group received 25 sessions of Neurofeedback treatment (for 6 weeks, 4 hours per week) and patients in the control group did not receive specific treatment, and patients of two groups was measured by testing Franken's Craving at the end. The results of analysis of covariance showed that the experimental group was decreased variable of Craving in narcotic drugs than control group at the end of period. Therefore, this Neurofeedbackt therapeutic method can be effectiveness on decreasing amount of Craving in narcotic opium drugs–dependent patients.

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