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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 3
Evaluation of The Quality of Life of Patients With Β-Thalassemia Major Referring to Mofid Children's Hospital In 2010-2011
Yousef.Shokri, Bibi Shahin Shamsian, Ghazal Zahed, Fatemeh Abdollah Gorji, Eznollah Azargashb
Pages: 14-28


Objective: Determining degree of health impairment as perceived by the β-thalassemia major patients is essential information needed to recommend suitable therapy. Due to limited research in this area, this study was done and the aim was survey of quality of life in patients with β-thalassemia major. Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 70 β-thalassemia major patients aged 15 years and over referred to Mofid children hospital of Tehran in 2010-2011 were studied using a demographic and Global Assessment Scale and Iranian version of SF-36 questionnaires. The samples were chosen on the basis of an available non-randomized sampling. The data was analyzed using SPSS software and statistical analysis methods. Results: The mean age of 70 subjects enrolled in this study was 20.0 (SD=4.0) years. 42 patients (60%) were male and 28 patients (40%) were female. The analysis showed that there was no significant association between the gender and age groups and age at the first blood transfusion and the presence of co-morbidity with quality of life and Global Assessment Scale. All of the patients acquired scores above 70 in the Global Assessment Scale. Quality of life of patients was low in the Physical Function and Bodily Pain scales of Physical Health component in comparison with healthy individuals but patients had favorable quality of life in the Mental Health component. Conclusion: Presented data suggested that for improvement of quality of life in β-thalassemia major patients, special attention regarding physical aspects and better accomplishment medical and rehabilitation services is necessary in addition to psychological problems of these patients.

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