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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 2
Explaining The Physical Components of Space in Creating an Architectural Learning Environment
Seyyed Ali nouri, Sahar Khodabakhshi, Mina Ganji Morad
Pages: 42-53


Today, more than ever, the need to provide the field of growth and fertility of the potential talent of architects seems necessary. Creativity is considered as the main feature of a design process and physical environment is one of the factors contributing to the increase of these features. The present study, titled “Explaining the physical components of space in creating an architectural learning environment” aimed at increasing the creativity and innovation of architects, considering the psychology of the environment and the spatial attributes and physical characteristics, seeking to create a stimulating environment for the liberation of thought and the creative expression of architects. Selective strategy of this research is taking advantage of mixed strategies; the method used in this research is descriptive-analytic research method that after studying the literature, the secondary information needed for research was obtained through semi-structured interviews. Then, the results were evaluated through a narrative analysis, and ultimately, the implications of natural element irritation, diversity and flexibility, aesthetic attributes, and personal and group involvement with space (creation of creativity collective environments) were extracted as creative motivator and after scientific investigating, theoretical bases were extracted from the collected information and the effective design qualities are presented to solve the problem.

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