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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
Feasibility of mine waste in sugar production plants (hydrated lime) as a filler to increase resistance to rutting and improve the adverse effects of moisture and frost in hot asphalt mixtures
Mohammad Akbari, Ali Nayebi Far, Ebrahim Mirzaei
Pages: 43-49


Rutting of pavement’s Asphalt may cause serious problems with increased traffic of heavy vehicles, especially in tropical regions. Increased resistance of asphalt mixtures has always been an important issue in improving the efficiency of road pavement. Various methods for increasing the resistance of asphalt mixtures are presented. In this study, a new material is used to increase the resistance that was not considered before. In sugar producing factories, used lime of the production process remains as waste and abandoned in environment; under the influence of climatic factors (wind, flood) it is transferred to the surrounding environment contaminating agricultural lands and gardens as well as the groundwater. Therefore, efficient use of it (lime waste) as a valuable product in the economic cycle is profitable, thus; the first option in efficiency can be the manufacturing of hot asphalt industry from some additives such as hydrated lime as filler. The possibility of using hydrated waste lime produced in sugar factories instead of the current consumption is the objective of this study. The plan's success will play an important role in the creation of added value. Several field trials were conducted by adding varying amounts of the material as filler in asphalt and product’s quality indicators were measured. The results indicate the possibility of replacing the material instead of current ones.

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