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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 1
From mimesis to imagery and delusion with linguistic projection
Naser Alizadeh, Rasoul Kazemzadeh
Pages: 72-82


“Projecting the image” is a tool employed for hallucination and delusion with application of predefined phrases and formula which induce delusion in individuals who cannot distinguish delusions from realities. For avoiding such effect, knowing potential of verbal energy and familiarity with different ways of thinking and movement from academic and ordinary language toward imagery and illusory language is necessary. Perception of language immersion is another tool for recognizing artificial imageries. Therefore, the contribution of the projecting of literary language in inducing a thought and moving it from reality toward delusion and imagery cannot be underestimated, the language that employs metaphor, identification and exaggeration; so that event they can be considered based on praise and poetical exaggeration. This article aimed at investigating the role of poets in linguistic and imagery projecting according to the poetical imagery and feeling.

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