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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Future Studies of Cyber Attacks on National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Sanam, Yeganeh Azad
Pages: 70-76


One of the most important developments in today's world, especially in the national security domain, is the comprehensive definition of the concept of security, which not only includes its classical dimension, i.e. the military dimension, but also other dimensions, including political, cultural, economic and cyber. Nowadays, due to the significant expansion of technology, cyberspace has been considered as one of the important dimensions of states’ security. Since cyberattacks are occurred in cyberspace, it is considered as a new way of directing combat operations. On the other hand, the capability of these attacks to cause widespread damage has transformed the traditional concept of forceful use. Since one of the most important features of cyberattacks is the extent of disruption in the identification of the incident, this paper is written due to the importance of the result of the attacks on national security following the projection of the future of cyberspace and the role of this space as one of the major sources of government power. So, securing cyber space and dealing with these attacks should be done in a thorough manner. The present study seeks to investigate the future of cyberattacking in Iran's national security and provide appropriate solutions in different sectors in different fields against cyberattacks.

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