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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 1
Globalization and the Creative/Cultural Industries: An Assessment of Nigeria’s Position in the Global Space
Mamman-Muhammad Abubakar
Pages: 10-17


Globalization has become a tempting concept in the discourse of creative/ cultural industries. Its impact to our daily lives is best imagined, and the Nigerian movie culture is not an exception. Nollywood as a creative industry blindly and effortlessly secured an enviable position in the global space, yet it struggles for definition, categorization, and conceptualization in scholarly debate. Perhaps these confusion results from the industry’s growth, which has defied normal protocols and conventions to achieve fame. This paper seeks to establish that despite its deviant nature, Nollywood as a creative industry has succeeded in defining its identity through the establishment of new values, attitudes and cultural practices. In this regard, this paper concluded that Nollywood did not only carve its niche, but also it is becoming a topic of great interest in global dialogue.

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