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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Great Ways to Encourage Better Health Habits and their Preferment in the Community
Muhammad Haroon Sarwar, Azhar Rehman Raees, Arfa Rauf, Muhammad Sarwar
Pages: 60-69


Humans are the best asset of every nation, and putting efforts into their wellness can encourage better teamwork, increase in productivity and reduce diseases and accidents. This article sheds light on the existing knowledge and practices of pronounced traditions to boost good human’s health. When the body is functioning accurately, then human will feel better and live happy. This is well known fact that exercising more, taking food accurately, consuming extra water, handling stress levels and receiving the care from our workplace create an enormous change by what manners persons execute at place of work. Sunrise strolls and bodily maneuvers are precisely useful for the suitability of our mind and body. Start the daytime by eating of some fruits and vegetables, and a plateful of complete grains such as bran flakes, oatmeal or whole-wheat toast. A unique approach to shed calories from our diet is to take water as a replacement for more sugary beverages because these hold additional calories within diet. Persons will attain improved standard of living while wellness and prevention curriculums are easy to get through their health provider, and accessible at their workstation and in societies. Takings of time from personal schedule, and presence with parents, children, spouse and relatives, might have a lifelong impression on whole mental and physical wellbeing. While it is important to make time for family, our relatives or friends are like our second family, so, visit those to whom we do not meet frequently otherwise arrange time to call them. Good personal hygiene habits include washing of the body often and washing hands with soap after going to the toilet. Arrange for a physician’s appointment to workplace and talk to the workforces about collective health matters in the community. Following of these decent routines on a consistent base will help the community to stay healthy, and ward off infectious illnesses and diseases to have a healthy lifestyle.

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