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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
Human Capital Development in Nigeria: An Examination of the Contributions of Delta State Ministry of Education, 2007-2013
Eme. Okechukwu Innocent, Okolie. C. Anthony
Pages: 116-128


Human Capital has been in recent times recognized globally as one factor that is responsible for the growth and wealth of many nations and States. However inspite of the increased awareness of individuals and government on the urgent need for increased patronage of Human Capital Development. Some governments are still yet to channel resources on Human Capital Development. This study therefore, seeks to examine the extent to which Delta State have channeled her resources into Human Capital Development. This study is necessary because most States and countries of the World are heavily investing in Human Capital development, while others are yet to take advantage of this. This study is necessary because Delta State is one of the oil producing States in Nigeria, and by this receives huge allocation from the Federal government. However, Delta State is blessed with huge financial, material and human resources. Three research questions guided this study they include: What are the contributions made by the Delta State Ministry of Education on Human Capital Development between 2007 and 2013? This study seeks to address this question using documentary sources.

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